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Our Organisation

Broadstone Risks is a British owned, independent, global security and intelligence company with the capability to provide government level applications for both physical and technical security.

Our Vision

To offer our clients, as private individuals, royalty, celebrity and governments, brands and crowded spaces a ‘best in the world’ spectrum of secure solutions.

Our People

Peter Miles

Peter Miles is an established British Security and Intelligence professional. As one of the most experienced specialist security subject matter experts of close protection and celebrity security in the industry, Peter has spent the last 21 years in covert and protective surveillance, policing, physical security and risk management. A social media intelligence and cyber investigations expert, he has served to protect some of the most famous names and brands in the world, managing elite government level security and crisis management teams, supporting operations on all continents in over 70 countries.

A former officer with the United Kingdom Home Office and London Metropolitan Police, his specialist area is securing clients that require the highest levels of discreet intelligent security and protective intelligence, that continues to safeguard important personnel and business throughout the world.

Global Director, Protective Services Division

Our Director of Protective Services is an expert in covert surveillance and counter reconnaissance. For over a decade he worked in covert policing against serious and organized crime and counter terrorism operations, before going on to (RaSP) Royalty and Specialist Protection Command to protect the British Royal Family.

As a trainer of specialist police units both in the UK and abroad, he now leads and advises on our government level application of security assessments, physical penetration testing and royalty protection. He has advised political figures, foreign diplomatic delegations on security best practice and continues to be an influencer around the world in protective services.

Global Director, Protective Intelligence Division

Our Director of Protective Intelligence is a former officer of The Metropolitan Police Specialist Operations Division.

An experienced Team Leader that has served on proactive investigations, covert operations and close protection teams for high ranking dignitaries and politicians as they travel the world and high risk environments on behalf of the UK government.

In representing the Met Police he has been an integral part of the relationship with the Royal and VIP Executive Committee (RAVEC) and negotiated the close protection capability for dignitaries that has included The President of The United States, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Vladimir Putin. He has been responsible for writing the security procedures for the UK’s Members of Parliament, and list of Protected Individuals and is regarded as a leading subject matter expert in the field of global protective security.

Christopher S
Director of Protective Services, North America

Christopher has 22 years of experience in the fields of national security, crisis management, forensic investigations, advance threat protection, and site vulnerability assessments.

He currently assists clients in all industries to include business, financial, legal, regulatory, and reputational risk. Christopher specializes in conducting site security advances and criminal investigations, as well as physical, threat, and vulnerability assessments to include protective intelligence investigations. He also assists clients in achieving their desired protection from the Department of Homeland Security’s SAFETY Act.

Christopher helps professional sports teams manage threats and increase opportunities to teams, players, ownership organizations, and events by integrating key capabilities to help sports organizations and event venues manage threats to their brand, their teams, and their fans.

Previously, Christopher was a Managing Director for the Mintz Group and a Director with PwC in the Global Intelligence Practice where he lead PwC’s Sports Intelligence team as well as the Enterprise Physical Security practices.

Christopher was a Special Agent for the United States Secret Service, where he investigated crimes against the government, acts of terrorism, and spent 5 years on the Presidential Protection Detail. Christopher has conducted multiple security advances for the first family, both domestically and internationally, throughout Europe and the Middle East.

Joe F
Director of Protective Intelligence, North America

Joe had a distinguished career with the U.S. Secret Service for twenty-one years. During his tenure, he was the Assistant Special Agent in charge of the Washington, D.C. field office, served on the protection details of former Presidents George H. Bush and William J. Clinton, and protected numerous foreign heads of state.

During his career, Joe spent over eight years assigned to the White House Presidential Protective Division, providing protection to Presidents George H. Bush and William J. Clinton.

Throughout his career he was assigned to the protection of numerous foreign Heads of State including, Pope John Paul II, President Vladimir Putin of Russia, President Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon of Israel and UK Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Joe spent three and a half years assigned to the elite Secret Service Counter Assault Team attaining the rank of Senior Team Leader. He has extensive experience and knowledge in providing executive protection and conducting complex security assessments and surveys for large-scale public events. Joe has received extensive training and experience in counter terrorism tactics & suppression.

After leaving the Secret Service, Joe served as a Senior Special Agent with the Office of Special Investigations for the Government Accounting Office, conducting investigations for the U.S. Congressional Select Committees on Homeland Security and Intelligence.

As the President of U.S. Safety and Security, Joe built an impressive business with multinational corporate clients, high profile events and individuals, and international professional sports leagues. In addition, U.S. Safety and Security’s protective assignments have included U.S. Presidential candidates Senator Barack Obama during his campaign in 2007-2008, Governor Mitt Romney in 2011-2012, and Governor Jeb Bush in 2015- 2016.

Mark Williams
Operations Director, Australia and South America

Mark has been an ambassador of the security industry for over 21 years representing the pinnacle of the entertainment industry. Mark has travelled the world many times over supporting the worlds most famous names, and is a subject matter expert in close protection, tour security and A-list celebrity protection.

Richard Ryan LLB (Hons) M.A. LL.M
Director of Social Media Intelligence

Our Director of Social Media Intelligence is a barrister with 25 years commercial and military experience.

Richard oversees Broadstone Risks’s Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) and Social Media Intelligence (SOCMINT) platform leading the global ability to provide real time actionable intelligence for our global protective services.

Our Services

Our ability to layer protective security and technology for a wide spectrum of clients ensures we are employing the most modern advances in technology, along with established training and real world application of protective services.

Broadstone Risks teams have secured some of the most famous names on the planet. We have protected Presidents and Prime Ministers and advised governments across the world. We have trained the very teams that today protect the worlds most prominent leaders and organisations.

Broadstone brings the world services of government level security operations to serve our client needs.

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