Case Studies

Broadstone Risks case studies are a demonstration of our mixed skill ability. They are designed to show the possibility of how merging services, presents options that ensure timely and relevant actionable intelligence, to empower response strategies that meet and exceed modern client needs.

  • A high profile brand was launching a product to market throughout Europe and required a capability to provide a duty of care to their teams and brand ambassador during a time of increased terrorist activity in the city.

    In support of physical security, in the form of close protection, Broadstone Risks monitored in real-time, key words and images and relevant data, all international social media sites and dark web activity. Over 167 languages, and the geo-fencing of strategic locations, including the arrival and departure airports, hotels, travel routes, and key locations that the client would be near to and attending. The analysts were integrated into a live communication system with the security team to provide an overwatch capability.

    The use of Broadstone technology highlighted no imminent threats to the brand, or high profile client in Europe. It did however reveal a previously unidentified threat from an individual in the United States. The individual had posted a series of disturbing images and threats. The information gained in the preceding deep dive of their social media content, produced a detailed report identifying a name, address and social media accounts across a number of platforms, and a criminal history relevant to the public threats. With this information, the future operational requirements of the close protection for the client could be made more relevant, and an ongoing programme of threat monitoring established, while legal advice was obtained.

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