High Net Worths, Public and Political Figures, Critical Infrastructure, Crowded Spaces and Government Organizations to name but a few, benefit from a range of services designed to protect the most important environments.

Drones and Drone Defence

Drones are being used widely and the concerns regarding their safe use has also become much more of an issue for individuals, companies and governments. We have seen drones landing on the White House lawn, flown near Angela Merkel, land on Embassies, land on warships and smuggle contraband into prisons all over the world and even attempt assassinations.

With our expert advice and assistance, we can help mitigate the risk posed by the following scenarios:

Reconnaissance and Surveillance: an operator is looking for information to monitor the use of a property within a protected community and the people that reside in it, to build up their knowledge in preperation of a burglary.

Drones and Drone Defence
Drones and Drone Defence

Smuggling: An individual uses a drone to smuggle drugs, mobile phones, sim cards and material to aid an escape from a prison or correctional facility. This is becoming a much larger problem as it has now created a valuable economy within a prison. The UK prison service has now set up a team to deal with this problem specifically with £millions of funding.

Electronic Attack: A Black Hat security conference saw a drone hack into WiFi and steal the data on those networks, which is known as a “Karma Attack.” This will become more common amongst high rise office buildings as the operator does not have to be located near the target in order to use a WiFi bridge.

Kinetic Attack: Guns, flamethrowers and bombs have been attached to drones and have been used in the USA, Iraq and Ukraine. This threat is being copied by others and is clearly something that law enforcement has to address to prevent damage to people and buildings, or even loss of life.

WMD Attack. An operator could easily configure a crop spraying drone to deliver a biological agent over a crowd of people in a stadium causing multiple casualties and £millions in loss and damage.

Physical Countermeasures

We employ “Drone Resistors” ™ that can protect your asset as they are equipped with the latest counter drone technology. We can log and register a No Drone Airspace so that users are aware that a site and its asset are protected.

Drone Resist have a solution that protects your Event, Complex Site, Critical National Infrastructure, VIP’s, High Net Worth Clients and Super Yachts from unwanted drones today. This environment is constantly changing with drones being used for many different applications.

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Drones and Drone Defence
Drones and Drone Defence

Electronic Countermeasures

We use jammers and spoofers, which cover the complete spectrum of frequencies for drones. This is the safest and least hostile method of effecting a change in the drone’s flight path. We interrupt a drone’s communications so that the return to home function is activated, which allows law enforcement to discover the operator.

Drone Resistance

We can provide a plan of action for your security team that focuses on how to resist an unwanted drone incorporating a comprehensive risk analysis that forms part of your overall security plan. We use up-to-date threat data from a number of providers to enable us to be properly informed about what risks there are in any geographical location.

Drones and Drone Defence
Drones and Drone Defence

Drone Detection

We offer tested equipment for drone detection, identification and tracking including radars, acoustic, infrared and video surveillance systems. Our systems enable detection over 2Km.