High Net Worths, Public and Political Figures, Critical Infrastructure, Crowded Spaces and Government Organizations to name but a few, benefit from a range of services designed to protect the most important environments.

Advanced Celebrity, Artist and Entertainment Protection Certificate

The Chief Instructor is Broadstone Risks's CEO, Peter Miles. A former detail leader for the worldwide family protection and stadium world tours of Beyonce and Jay Z. Peter continues to represent the world’s most famous names, tours and brands, and is considered a leading subject matter expert in the industry.

International Training
International Training

The course is designed to develop and educate the close protection operator who is already an international practitioner or for UK operatives that have been awarded the SIA Close Protection licence, to work effectively as a solo operative or team leader, or as part of a larger team in celebrity and entertainment protection.

The course will cover such areas as global tours, stage security, venue security management, red carpet events, location security, film set security, managing fans, paparazzi, stalkers, convoy security, police escorts, open source intelligence, social media threat monitoring and hostile reconnaisance.

There is no better way to advance your education and capability in celebrity and entertainment security, than by gaining this protection certificate.

This is a unique insight into the highest levels of the celebrity and entertainment world, taught by experts with real world current experience.

Broadstone Risks do not openly recruit. Subject to our CEO’s approval, delegates completing this course, will qualify to join Broadstone’s database of celebrity and entertainment protection teams. This too, is a unique opportunity to be part of our elite global team.

Duration: 5 Days
Location: Within 1 hour of London

International Training