High Net Worths, Public and Political Figures, Critical Infrastructure, Crowded Spaces and Government Organizations to name but a few, benefit from a range of services designed to protect the most important environments.

Executive Protection

The demands on business executives and corporate companies can be extraordinary. When we combine modern day threats of international travel, negotiating cultures, terrorism, and even such things as emergency medical care, combined with their importance to their families and indeed corporate structure, it presents a perfect storm of known and unknown risks and consequence. This is then, the perfect time to implement our executive protection teams. We exist to protect the people, the company, and the bigger picture.

We alleviate risk, we become part of the insurance policy, we bring value and efficiency to travel and logistics, and our expertise allows executives to focus solely on the business needs. From local knowledge across the globe, from our list of worldwide contacts, we have the ability to make the difference when it counts. We respond not only to crisis intervention, but to the smaller details of delayed travel, public disorder, natural disaster, illness, and a myriad of other situations. We will have a plan, we will have a strategy, we will have a response.

Physical Security
Physical Security

The value of personnel to an organisation and their knowledge, is an asset worthy of protection. The cost of deploying our close protection and executive protection teams to support business is a negligible cost and an under valued service, when we measure it against the importance of protecting personnel, protecting the company, when the value of business and information go hand in hand.

Celebrity Protection

Broadstone Risks support the celebrity, entertainment and music industry with subject matter experts that have been privileged to work in unique environments over 20 years. Having secured icons of the music and film industry, Broadstone protect families, children, and even babies as we negotiate world travel itineraries, daily changes of countries, private aviation, helicopters, private villas, the multiple vehicle security convoys and security drivers that are needed, police escorts, different languages, the ever changing stadiums or film and set locations.

Our senior management team have protected the most famous people of the 21st century. Few, if any companies anywhere in the world have the true ability to protect high profile personalities in the way we do. When celebrities now have hundreds of thousands, even tens of millions of followers, the provision of celebrity protection can be supported with our social media threat monitoring.

Physical Security
Physical Security

We have worked for and in conjunction with international film distributors, the PR teams, the studios and the stadiums, and understand that delicate balance of representing so many needs and the challenges faced, when the mission is to protect the client, but the responsibility to make everything work, comes from being part of the big picture.

In todays world, when representing music icons, celebrities of fashion or film, the very best security, understand this is not a physical game, it’s a mental one, and we absolutely recognise that. Our ability to use the very best security and protection experts comes from truly knowing the benefits of how soft skills transform the ability to make a difference.

Royalty Protection

When done right, this is an art form. It is the ability to protect the worlds royal families and the royal delegations as they travel the world.

It is the application of diplomacy, discretion, body language, instinct, cultural understanding, privacy, intellect, the ability to blend in, or at times be invisible. It is the ability to to co-ordinate logistics around the world, and represent their wishes to others and manage risk with a tactile perfection, that a member of royalty would themselves expect. It is all of that and so much more.

Royalty Protection demands an intelligent understanding of security practice. We represent members of royal delegations, that move in elite circles of people and places. Broadstone Risks’s royalty protection officers are the very finest to serve in this prestigious world.

Physical Security